Join the three day training on the M&E software ActivityInfo in Beirut in September

ActivityInfo Training in Beirut - September 2nd - 4th
ActivityInfo Training in Beirut - September 2nd - 4th

This September our Training Coordinator will visit Beirut in Lebanon to give a three day, on-site training on ActivityInfo. The training will take place at the "Le Commodore Hotel" in Beirut on September 2nd-4th and will be in the English language.

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Who is this training for?

This training is ideal for people interested in learning how ActivityInfo can be used to improve information management and the monitoring and evaluation processes of their programmes. It is also very beneficial for current users who want to expand their knowledge and learn how to use all aspects of the tool to make the best out of it (i.e. moving from data entry to designing the system for collecting information). Additionally, programme or project managers who are interested in getting hands-on experience with a user-friendly M&E tool can benefit from the training.

What do people say for the on-site trainings?

“This course saved me a lot of time, as by 'just' following the webinars and reading the manual, I am sure it would have taken me longer to understand how things work and what is possible with ActivityInfo.” Wim Piels, Consultant and Trainer, Nedworc Foundation, attended The Hague Training, in June 2019.

What will I learn?

More specifically the training will focus on subjects such as moving from a Logical Framework to an Information System, designing databases and forms in the software to collect different types of information, managing users and their access level and more advanced topics such as working offline, creating reports and using formulas.




What else should I know?

There will be limited seats available so as to provide high quality one-on-one support to each participant and there will be plenty of hands-on exercises to practice on the acquired knowledge. Participants are strongly advised to bring a laptop.

Every participant will receive an extension of 2 months on their trial subscription on ActivityInfo so as to have sufficient time to apply all things learnt. The ticket is not refundable and does not include transport, accommodation or other costs made by the participant.

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