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The use of ActivityInfo by the REACH Initiative in CAR

Executive Summary

REACH is an initiative offering support through information management, mapping, assessment and research to humanitarians. Working within a lot of clusters, REACH is currently cooperating with UNICEF in the coordination of the country-wide Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) in Central African Republic (CAR).

RRM is in place when there are population displacements and the response needs to be quick in emergency situations. The need for quick data entry, a centralized viewing of data in a comprehensive and flexible way, and for the elimination of IT management requirements were met by ActivityInfo for REACH in CAR.

Employing the features of ActivityInfo and with a quick training of their users, REACH in CAR decreased the time needed for data entry significantly. The monthly process of data entry turned into a weekly process as its complexity was eliminated.

Moreover, accessing the databases even when connectivity is unavailable thanks to the offline mode of ActivityInfo facilitated the activities of REACH in CAR when partners were in the field. Mrs. Anne Leschallier de Lisle, Information Management Officer and GIS Officer in the RRM programme of REACH in CAR facilitated this Case Study and shared valuable insights on how ActivityInfo is used as a centralized repository of information to simplify the management of data flow and make data collection quicker.

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The use of ActivityInfo by the REACH Initiative in CAR
The use of ActivityInfo by the REACH Initiative in CAR

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